Assistant Educator

I attended Canossa as a child and remember it well. My fondest memories of Canossa are having my photo taken on the wooden bridge, playing in the cubby and swinging on the swings. Since then Canossa has had a major playground upgrade. Now being a part of the Canossa teaching staff, I have decided to complete my Diploma in early childhood and care.

Canossa has been a major part of not only my life but also of my entire family including my siblings. I am dedicated to the education of children in my care. I hope to be a part of their fondest memories here at Canossa.


What do you like?

Being organised and craft.

What don’t you like?

Large crowds and shopping

What do you like best about being a teacher?

Spending time with the children. Listening and observing the interesting things and funny things they come up with.

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Email: admin@canossakindergarten.com.au

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