Canossa FAQ's

Q- When do you take enrolments?


A- March/April of each year. The year prior to your child turning a min of age 3.

Q-Are we able to tour the Kindergarten prior to enrolment?

A- Yes, you are welcome to visit any day between 10 am and midday. No booking is required.


Q- Do you have a wait list?

A- No we don’t. Enrolments are taken the year before your child’s commencement at Canossa.

Q- What are the fees?

A- Currently $45.00 per day. Payable by term. Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each term and payable within 6 weeks of the invoiced date. (fortnightly/monthly direct debits are available upon application)

Q- Are we entitled to any rebates?

A- No governement funding is availble for Kindergarten families.

Q-What are the Kindergarten Hours?

A- 8.30am-2.45pm

Q- Do the children need to wear their Canossa Tshirt and Hat everyday?

A- No its optional. However, at the end of the year, all children will need to wear their Canossa T-shirt for the Christmas concert.

Q- Do you have onsite parking?

A- No, street parking is available.

Q- Does the kindergarten program extend to all rooms?

A- Yes, Canossa offers a unique 3 year old kindergarten program.

Q- Do you have to be Catholic to attend Canossa Kindergarten?

A- All religions are welcome at Canossa Kindergarten.

Q- Does my child need to be toliet trained to attend Canossa Kindergarten.

A- Yes, all children that attend Canossa Kindergarten are to be toilet trained, as we do not have nappy changing facilities.

Q-Is there a specific drop off time?

A- Ideally we would like all children to be at kindy by 9.15am.

Q- Is there a specific pickup time?


A-Collection Time is 2:45pm daily. The gate will open at @ 2.20pm


Q- How many children are in each class?



A- 22 children per room, with a ratio of 1 educator to 11 children.

Q- Do you provide meals?

A- Meals are not provided by the kindergarten. You will need to provide your child with morning tea, lunch and a water bottle.You will need to provide an ice brick as we do not provide refrigeration for childrens lunches.

Q-Are there certain foods that are not allowed to be taken to Kindy?

A- Yes, Canossa Kindergarten is a nut-free environment.

Q- Are there specfic set days a child attends in the week?

A- Group A attendance is at the beginning of the week- Week 1- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Week 2- Monday, Tuesday Canossa works on a 5-day fortnight.  Group B attendance is at the end of the week. Week 1- Thursday, Friday. Week 2- Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.